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CS Transform is a certified OASIS member, and provides a wide range of services designed to help a government plan and deliver its own Transformational Government programme.

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 The Transformational Government Framework

An open standard for change based on
CS Transform’s methodologies

The Transformational Government Framework is a managed process of ICT-enabled change in the public sector. It puts the needs of citizens and businesses at the heart of a process which achieves significant and transformational impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of government.

In 2010, OASIS – the global not-for-profit standards body for e-business and e-government – decided that the time was right to bring together global best practices on e-government into “a practical 'how to' standard for the design and implementation of an effective program of technology-enabled change at national, state or local government level”.

This initiative – championed initially by the Government of New Zealand, Fujitsu and Microsoft – identified CS Transform’s White Papers on citizen service transformation as representing the best articulation of global best practice. OASIS asked CS Transform to to contribute its intellectual property from those White Papers in to the standard-setting process.

Since then, CS Transform has worked with industry and government stakeholders around the world – in a process kicked off by a major workshop co-hosted by OASIS and the World Bank in Washington DC in December 2010 – to validate CS Transform's transformation methodology and express it as a standard.

The result is the Transformational Government Framework – a comprehensive open standard addressing all the organisational and business changes which global experience shows are needed in governments in order to get full benefit from new technologies.

> Read the first version of the TGF (Microsoft Word document) 

 > Read the OASIS document setting out the business case for TGF implementation (PDF document)

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