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Baseline 360
Also available is Baseline 360, a web-based diagnostic and business case planning tool for citizen service transformation.
> Product brief (PDF)
Product demo (Flash movie) | Product Brief (PDF)

The Transformation Toolkit

The Transformation Toolkit is an integrated and interlinked set of browser delivered desktop applications, that enable governments to move as quickly and as economically as possible to citizen-centric service delivery using the emerging global standard for Transformational Government.

It provides business tools and a ready-to-go web publishing platform, designed to deliver a cross-government single point of entry.

It can be used on its own or to support the implementation CS Transform's Franchise Marketplace 2.0 (FM2) business solution.

Why is this useful

Citizens are increasingly expecting better service delivery from governments. And governments need to achieves this more efficiently. 

CS Transform’s FM2 solution is being used successfully by governments around the world to achieve this. It is the only solution of its type, and the only solution with a track record of quickly enabling effective citizen-centric government without organizational disruption. The Transformation Toolkit is the quickest and safest route to delivering the Franchise Marketplace 2.0 solution.

Proven technology

The Transformation Toolkit uses Microsoft Office 2010 components, and provides a familiar and easy to use interface.

Competitive pricing and the opportunity to leverage existing Microsoft licenses

Because the Transformation Toolkit uses Microsoft's Office 2010 applications, governments can take advantage of their existing enterprise licenses.

And because the Transformation Toolkit is a customizable solution, available as SAAS product, start-up and on-going costs are extremely competitive.  In particular, the Transformation Toolkit has a low entry cost.

Learn more

> Watch a Flash Movie describing the Transformation Toolkit
> Read the product brief (PDF format)
Read the Franchise Marketplace 2.0 White Paper (PDF format)
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