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CS Transform are transformation specialists. Our team has been doing this work for over 20 years. We have a lot of experience. And we’ve put that experience into every assignment and application we deliver.

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CS Transform was founded and is run by by the senior team that led the UK Government’s Digital Transformation strategy for five years. We are passionate about what we do. We believe that private and public services should be as good as they can be. 

And we know from working with major corporations and 45 governments on five continents, that people share our passion for excellence.

What we do works. Our consultants are senior people from around the world, and our methodologies and our Transform 360 applications are grounded in two decades of experience. We understand how to make things happen in the real world – where operating environments are complex. 

This is why we have a track record of success, and why CS Transform methodologies underpin the global standards for Digital Transformation. 

Management team and board

Bill Edwards

Managing Partner

Thirteen years international consultancy delivery and management. Formerly Directgov MD and UK Government Director of e-Communications, UK Prime Minister's Department. Twenty years’ government experience. Chief Software Architect. Leads CS Transform's portal practice.

Chris Parker

Managing Partner

Thirteen years international consultancy delivery and management. Formerly UK Government Deputy e-Envoy and COO, UK Prime Minister's Department. Ten years’ government experience. Chief Business Architect. Leads CS Transform's standards practice.

Non-Executive Director

An experienced CEO, Non-Exec and Entrepreneur, with over twenty years’ experience in creating and building effective management teams and successful companies. Global CEO, QPC Group.

Gary Dawson

Non-Executive Director

Over 35 years’ experience of working in both the Communications and IT technology sectors, holding senior international management roles in such companies as Racal, Plessey, GEC, Marconi and Qinetiq. Global MD, QPC Group.

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