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CS Transform has published White Papers and research work on Digital Transformation and related topics. 

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CS Transform White Papers

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Citizen Service Transformation:
A manifesto for change in the delivery of public services

This White Paper sets out an overview, looking at:

  • How citizen service transformation differs from traditional e-government approaches
  • The Citizen Service Transformation Value Chain – a practical tool developed by CS Transform to help governments understand and deliver the changes needed for successful service transformation
  • The support and resources that CS Transform can make available to help you succeed.
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Franchise Markeplace 2.0
A solution for citizen-centric government

The Franchise Marketplace 2.0 solution is able to join-up government delivery, and increase service quality to government customers. It does this by combining marketing and business operating disciplines from the commercial sector, with governance and operating processes designed for a government environment.

The Franchise Marketplace 2.0 solution provides an environment for mixed-economy delivery involving private and public sector organisations, and involvement of citizens. Is designed to take full advantage of cloud computing and is technology neutral

This paper provides an introduction to the operating principles of the Franchise Marketplace model.

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The Governance of e‑Government Interoperability Frameworks

This White Paper benchmarks governments across their world in terms of how they manage the development and deployment of e-Government Interoperability Frameworks (e-GIFs). It is a companion paper to our earlier White Paper, “e‑Government Interoperability: a comparative analysis of 30 countries”. Where that earlier paper undertook a comparative analysis of the content of e-GIFs, here we look at the governance processes which governments are deploying to develop and manage those e-GIFs.
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Beyond Interoperability:
A new policy framework for e‑Government

For much of the past decade, achieving interoperability has been a key focus of e‑Government strategy. The great majority of the world’s leading e‑Governments have adopted formal interoperability frameworks (IFs), and dozens of new IFs are currently being developed by governments around the world. In this paper, we argue that the interoperability agenda is failing to meet the expectations that have been raised for it. The paper argues that a much broader approach to interoperability is needed.
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e‑Government Interoperability:
A comparative analysis of 30 countries

This White Paper updates what we believe is the world’s first comprehensive study of e‑Government Interoperability Frameworks across the world. This revised version, published in February 2011, has been updated to reflect major developments since the original research was published in July 2010.
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e‑Government success:
A global benchmark and segmentation

This White Paper presents the results of new analysis by CS Transform Limited, looking at how governments differ in the maturity of their e‑Government – and at the factors which determine different levels of performance.
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