CS Transform helps
enterprises and governments transform for the digital age

CS Transform provides business and technology support, and consultancy services for digital transformation. Our track record spans five continents. Our methodologies and technology tools enable organisations of all sizes and levels of maturity to get radically more for radically less. More customer satisfaction and more impact.



Our consultancy services will help you plan and deliver digital transformation. We provide proven transformation methodologies and a team of international specialists with a global track record.

Smart Data

We are specialists in open and shared data, with a track record in unlocking value and innovation across data ecosystems. And Transform 360 applications integrate with data cataloguing solutions.


CS Transform leads the world in developing standards for delivering digital transformation. Our methodologies are embedded in ISO, BSI and OASIS standards.

Transform 360

We offer the only application suite designed from the ground up to help organisations deliver digital transformation. Transform 360 connects the business outcomes you want with on-the-ground activities.

T360 Compliance

Transform 360 provides a solution for compliance management across even the most complex organisations, providing a full audit trail for regulatory protection.

Smart Cities

We offer a complete consulting and technology solution for benchmarking your city, and developing a transformation roadmap. This includes dealing with cross-silo, cross-sectoral partnerships.

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